Whether you’re an author or an attorney, a banker or a broker, a health professional or design guru, a Fortune 500 corporate executive or a single-shop entrepreneur, YOU are the hero of your own unique story.

And it is not just the story, but the telling of that story – clearly, concisely, compellingly – which defines your success.

What We Do…      

CEO/Creative Director Scot Simmons writes all content and personally performs all edits, consults, seminars and tutorials. No junior hires. Ever. And when a project requires graphic design, photography, signage or top-flight website customization, Scot assembles the team of creative professionals to address your special needs.

Ads  •  Articles  •  Bios  •  Blog Posts   •  Books  •  Brochures  •  Branding  •  e-Blasts  •  eBooks  •  Editing  •   Feature Stories   •  Ghostwriting  •  Infographics  •  Logos  •  Mission Statements  •  One-Sheets  •  Overviews  •  Package Copy/Design  •  Photography  •  Point-of-Purchase  •  Presentations  •  Press Kits  •  Press Releases  •  Product Profiles/Descriptors  •  Promo Flyers  •  Proofreading  •  Rewrites  •  Sales Collateral  •  Scripting – Radio/Video  •  Slogans  •  Speeches  •  Web Content  •  Writing Seminars  •  Writing Tutorials  •  Author Life Support  •  Brand Building Packages  •  KIA Author Workshops  •  Build Your Web Site Packages


The Simmons Group provides services on the basis of ‘work for hire’; therefore all rights are transferred to you upon the completion of the project.    

Rates vary depending on nature, length and scope of project.

Rush Rates Are Available