Established author, former educator, long-time professional copywriter, CEO Scot Simmons can make your seminar or tutorial experience a user-friendly, confidence-boosting, skill enhancing progress to better writing.  

Just need that little extra push toward authorship? To get you started, Scot will  work with you one-on-one, one hour per week for three months. He will help scope out, schedule and strategize your book – title, table of contents, content points and pointers, completion guidelines. In person or via phone Scot will keep to a solid accountability and support schedule to keep you on track. Three months later, you’ll have a book proposal, introduction, and first chapter with which to decide your next exciting course of action.

  • Core Narrative Workshop
  • One-On-One Writing Tutorials
  • Business Writing Seminars
  • Write-Your-Book KIA Workshop
  • Author Life Support: Bio / Press Releases / Publishers Press Kits / Blog Posting / Feature / Articles / Website Content & Design / E-mail Campaigns / Interview Scripts / One Sheets / Fact Sheets

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