"Scot is a serious professional and a consummate craftsman…with a vivid imagination, a refreshing sense of humor and a powerful creative vision. His commitment to excellence is such that I feel completely comfortable in hiring Scot for my own needs as well as referring his services to all."

-- E.B.Hutt Bush
Coaching for Results, Inc.


"Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with Scot Simmons on numerous marketing and advertising projects for my company. I have found Scot to be a consummate professional and clearly an expert in his field. Scot has the ability to quickly assimilate information about your company and write about as if he created the company himself. He can make anyone a true believer in your product. Let's face it -- it doesn't matter how good a product is if people don't know about it, and that's why it's great to know that there are people like Scot to help people like me."

-- Rob Veis, D.D.S. 
Appliance Therapy Group


“Scot is a terrific asset to our team, helping to refine and develop our first firm-produced newsletter—one which communicates professionalism and knowledge within our industry and financial community.He has proven to be both flexible and timely, allowing each individual within our firm to maintain their own writing voice while still maintaining message congruency throughout. We will continue to contract The Simmons Group for our future writing and communicative needs.”

-- Mark A. Chandik, CLU, ChFC
Managing Partner
Financial Diligence Partners


"Prodigious talent, great instincts, invaluable problem-solving skills. Over the years we’ve managed to throw just about every type of project imaginable at you… and each time you have risen to the occasion to make it a resounding success. Working with you has been a genuine pleasure."

--Alex Canales
Director of Marketing,
Global Brand Expansion
Spectrum Brands – UPG Aquatics


"Scot Simmons’ creativity, through the printed word, provided the backdrop for marketing campaigns, educational programs, and sales promotions preparing the way for FASHION~SCIENCE~INSPIRATION to become the successful corporate mission for REDKEN 5TH AVENUE NYC and professional salons on every continent."

-- Ann J. Mincey
Vice President,
Global Communications  Redken 5th Avenue NYC


"Scot did an amazing job with our brochures, manuals, press releases and varied collateral projects.Fast, strategically savvy and attentive to detail, he has proven to be a great marketing investment."

-- Stan Owens
Executive Director
Marineland Commercial Systems


“Leonardo Da Vinci dreamed of flying and he did. While planning the production of the International Premier Symposium, I found myself dreaming of all the ways we could lift our audience to new heights through successful presentations of meaningful education, stimulating entertainment and lasting, bonding experiences. Because of your talent, time and tenacity, the dreams were made real."

-- Tom Saponaro
Producer / Director
Saponaro Co