With more than 40 years of sound custom writing experience in virtually all genres, formats, topics and structures, The Simmons Group has mastered the art of strategic business communication; promotional content development; web site creation; SEO; writing augmentation and meticulously professional editing. 

  • Online and Offline Ads – trade/consumer
  • One Sheets, Bios, Brochures
  • Promotional & Sales Collateral
  • Press Releases, Corporate Profiles, Bios
  • Newsletters – internal/external
  • Product Catalogs, Manuals, Annual Reports
  • Speeches and Presentations
  • Web Site Pages
  • Email/Eblast Scripting and Templates
  • Video Scripting
  • TV and Radio Commercial Scripting
  • Basic Proofreading – grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • “First Pass” Copy Editing - syntax, word choice, clarity
  • In-Depth Copy Editing & Rewriting – readability, writing style/voice
  • Ghostwriting Mentor Packages



As the philosopher Wittgenstein said: “Words are deeds.” The wrong word choice or grammatical construction or turn of phrase can muddle your message, kill your credibility, confuse your client. An edit – even the most cursory one – from a knowledgeable professional can be the difference between making the sale and making a fool of yourself.

Blog Posting

 Your customers, potential customers, investors, employees and the media are all reading them. A blog positions you as a THOUGHT LEADER. It keeps you close, in-touch and attuned to your customer base. It can be reused and repurposed as an article or series of articles; an entry for powerful social media outlets like Facebook and/or Twitter; and eventually the chapter of that brand-defining book that puts the coveted descriptor “author” after your name. You need to start your blog today. It’s that important. Let’s talk.

Video/Radio Scripting

Whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re pitching, whatever your message or idea…online video and on-air radio are increasingly popular, coolly professional, unquestionably effective ways to present and promote.

The catch is, even if you find the perfect video/radio production source, more often than not, they’ll expect you to supply the script. And with video or radio, your script should generate continuity, confidence, purpose, flow. We can write it for you. We can brainstorm and design it with you. We can even create the whole package – words, pictures, production – from the germ of an idea to a gem of an audience motivator. Whether it’s for your website, the air waves, your blog or your boardroom presentation, we provide what you need to seal the deal.


Thoreau was right. Most of us do lead lives of quiet desperation…especially when it comes to writing that book or story or memoir that has been dogging their dream longings for ages. I can help make that particular dream a reality.


stands for Search Engine Optimization. When done right - it stands out as perhaps the single most effective way of making your web site the go-to destination for potential customers in search of… you. FACT: Businesses actively using SEO are taking market share from away from their competitors. The right keywords or keyword phrases -- those used to search for your business -- are your golden ticket to finding and, I dare say, manipulating your market online. We can help you find and use those words to your greatest advantage. Really.

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