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My dad came to pick me up in a baby blue Austin Healey sports car.

As I watched my mother part the curtains and look out at the street, I remembered how quiet it was when he first left us. Seven months ago. Before the Austin Healey.

It had been a perfect creek day – hot enough to dry wet sneakers on the walk back home. But I didn’t go that day. Mom said to stay home and help her around the house. It was so quiet. I remember hearing the eucalyptus nuts falling on Krista’s mom’s station wagon across the street. I used to love the sound the brittle nut caps made when



We were on patrol. We were always on patrol.

We’d been walking for days. Drag-footing in the relentless monsoon rain, our hearts beating counterpoint to the soundtrack of pounding water and the muffled popping of distant gunfire. Ears ringing, brains shut down. Numb fingers clutching grease-slicked M16’s.

Eyes alive. Wide and bone-white. And dry. Dry from fear. Staring into the torrential darkness, the high grass, the hissing jungle. Senses dulled and dreaming…but so afraid. No choice, no chance. We were looking for death…stalking it where it lived.


STORIES FRANK TOLD ME: Memories of a Master Communicator

Founding member and former Senior VP of FedEx World- wide; former head of programming for ABC Radio Networks; communications consultant to Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson; right hand man to KFC founder and pop-culture icon Colonel Harlan Sanders...Frank Maguire embodied the experience that grows from real life experiences. He was brilliant, witty, urbane, beloved, multi-talented, sweet, flawed, frenetic, charismatic, wise and endearingly human. He was my hero.

He argued philosophy (yes, philosophy) with Marilyn Monroe. Discussed batting averages with Joe DiMaggio. Jammed with B.B. King, Mel Torme, Joe Williams and Ella Fitzgerald. He took a chance on a new kid named Ted Koppel when his own boss told him to "fire the guy." He witnessed the rise (and fall) of empires. He soared with the greatest eagles of corporate culture