I used to make exhaustive lists of stories I could write

…and then not write them. List upon list upon list – scribbled illegibly on grease-slicked napkins, scraps of paper torn from magazines, journals, my hand. What’s worse, I used to talk endlessly about them at the least provocation.

I defended my list courageously. And stalled expertly. And dreamed endlessly.  Anything to keep me from doing the one thing that gets a story, or article, or novel, or screenplay written…WRITING IT.

Stop talking about your great story ideas.  Stop making lists. They only become intimidating after a very short while.  Stop making excuses. Nobody cares.

Start writing. Start realizing. Here. Today. NOW.

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.”

                                                   -- Ray Bradbury





See that? I’ve created an expectation. You’re already settling in. You’re ready for a story.

A story is personal.

A story is human.

A story takes us away from ourselves while at the same time putting us in closer touch with that human side…the side we share with everybody else on the planet. 

Why is that more important now than ever? Because in this world, it’s hard enough to hang on to your humanity when many of those around you are seemingly losing theirs. It’s hard not to feel a little (or a lot) lost. It’s hard to not be mad as hell. It’s hard to trust. It’s hard to appreciate the trials, triumphs, concerns of others when it seems as though you’re always scrabbling just to take care of yourself.

Every good story, real or imagined, experienced or extrapolated, true or not so true, creates the semblance of truth – verisimilitude. Quite often (and most ironically) they are the lie that tells the truth…a force for change and a form of meditation.

If only for a moment in the vast timescape of our lives, a story helps us focus our energies, our ideas, our dreams. In short, stories help us breathe.

Dragon Nine™ Press arose from the fires of my own need to breathe – to create a platform for creative exploration, immersion and growth. Ostensibly It serves as a publishing brand for my next book (in progress, albeit glacially). More intriguingly, I would like it to serve as a brand icon for other authors, artists, thinkers and innovators who are themselves in search of a well from which they might nourish their talents, ideas and visions. We’ll see.