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Bad Bill and the Pumpkin

Agoura Hills, CA – Cindy Simmons, author of Bad Bill and the Marshmallows and Bad Bill and the Jacket, has done it again.

Bad Bill and the Pumpkin is the third in her children’s series chronicling the misadventures of her only slightly “bad” brother Bill, a lad who just makes bad choices – whether it involves sneaking marshmallows to trashing a brand new jacket to picking the one pumpkin in the entire pumpkin patch that is going to mean trouble for all concerned.

“Children respond to the simple truth of Bad Bill,” affirms Simmons, adding “Each story provides an absorbing look at human frailty, the sometimes painful reality of choices and consequences, and, of course, the power of love and redemption.”

This time around Cindy has enlisted the talents of award-winning photographer, illustrator and social media tour-de-force Anna McNaught to convey her spellbinding tale that, as a result, is as visually innovative as it is instructive.  Anna’s is a fresh and exciting new style in children’s illustration -- customized photographs…with a creatively distinctive twist.

“The visual presentation in Bad Bill and the Pumpkin is a mixture of photography, whimsical graphic accents and photo-shopped images,” Anna explains, adding  “It’s different because it allows children to step into the shoes of Bill himself while allowing them to playfully push the boundaries of what is real.  It’s all very freeing -- like Halloween – that time of year when a child can be whoever or whatever they dream of being.”

Cindy Simmons’ Bad Bill Books are available for purchase at: www.BadBillStories.com. Cindy is available for interviews, appearances and/or consultations by appointment: BadBillStories@gmail.com


Once upon a time, Master Storyteller Cindy M. Simmons was a teacher – first at Loren Miller Elementary School, then at Sierra Canyon School, Stephen S. Wise Day School, Castlebay Lane School and Sumac Elementary School.

For more than 40 years, Cindy shared the Bad Bill Stories with her classroom children, their friends and families…and then she decided to tell them to all the children of the world.

Today, Cindy is retired from teaching. She continues to write the Bad Bill Stories, appearing at locations throughout the United States to tell the stories in person to new readers and old friends alike.  She lives in Agoura Hills, CA with her husband, author Scot Simmons, and their two magical cats, Mozz and Hidee. She has a brilliant daughter, Caitlin (graduate of Agoura Hills High School), who lives in a castle in Iowa City, IA and is a professor — soon to be Doctor — of English Literature.


There once was a girl named Anna McNaught who grew up in a beautiful forest in Pennsylvania. She discovered she had a passion for photography and graphic design, so she left the forest to seek her fortune. Her travels took her to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and later, Ithaca College. Her photographic vision grew into a beauteous portfolio of images combining the realism of photography and the whimsy of graphic imagination – the style and creative innovation she brings to the newest Bad Bill stories.

Anna currently lives in a magical tower with her Prince Charming, James, and their enchanted feline, Lucy.

Her digitally distinctive photographs can be purchased at:  Instagram-annamcnaughty.