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Creek Songs (and Other Seductions)

Can you hear it?

Life. Exploding, singing, shining all around us.

“When you’re a child, the world is full of shiny things — arrowheads and anthills, tiny skulls and frogs eggs, gopher holes and bottle caps, snakeskins, and polliwogs and strange, cool artifacts that came from outer space (maybe). You can’t grab them, touch them, taste them fast enough. Wonder is part of your daily routine.

Creek Songs is a collection of poems, pictures, and stories that celebrate the powers of nature, time and experience – and the lessons that we sometimes learn from all three. Sometimes not.

Be warned: these songs come straight from the heart. They have the power to distract and deflect and seduce…to elicit joy and madness, hope and despair, rage and resolution. They can take you away from yourself (not always a bad thing) and empower transcendence. They just might change your life. Are you listening?


Mr. Coleman

When Mr. Coleman enters his life, Tim cannot begin to imagine the ways in which the chimpanzee’s presence will affect his everyday life, his relationships and above all, the state of his own questing soul…

In MR. COLEMAN, you are introduced to two unforgettable characters: Mr. Coleman, a chimpanzee raised by a human family, and Tim Cameron, the nobly intentioned, but emotionally conflicted man who rescues Coleman from death at the hands of his own kind, then brings him into his home and his life.

This story began as a conversation over dinner. It blossomed into a work that tackles one of literature’s grand themes: What does it mean to be human? How do we best engage our humanity - and to what purposes will we devote our own lives, our talents, our awareness?

It is ultimately a love story — a journey of connection, complete with second chances, heart-warming humor and unexpected revelations.


The Five Foundations

Words are important. The words we choose reflect the way we think. They say what we feel. They allow us to appreciate the perceptual nuances and subtleties and differences in every human experience.

They are instrumental in distinguishing our thoughts and feelings and meaning from the thoughts and feelings and meaning of every other individual out there. And that’s important...especially when you’re talking about sales or financial plans or flight paths or marriage proposals or teenage curfews or money-back guarantees. In short, words are of primary importance no matter who or what you’re talking about or to or for. Interest peaked? Click below.