Memories of a Master Communicator


“I have walked with giants. Each of them taught me something about myself, about life, about courage, about self-realization and fulfillment. I want to teach you those same life lessons.”


Speaker, motivator, teacher, innovator, storyteller. Frank Maguire was one of the most celebrated business gurus of our time. He is a multi-cultural, primetime tour-de-force of head-to-heart energy and inspiration – sharing with thousands his valuable lessons in leadership, corporate strategizing and success empowerment...the simple, compelling secrets of truly successful business greats.

Frank earned many titles in his career, achieved much and won many well-deserved awards. Throughout that career he did one thing better than any man woman or child on this planet: he ignited, inspired, infused everyone he touched with dynamic confidence – and the firm belief that they too could achieve greatness.

The stories I’m including in each of the chapters of this book are stories that Frank told me. For a period of many months during the year 2009 Frank and I met weekly at a local hotel café and he spoke into my mini recorder, spinning tales of his encounters with heroes and heroines of his era and mine.

We actually completed half the stories on the list. Frank died in April of 2010, three days after my mother passed away. In the short span of a week, I lost her and a man that had in many ways been a father to me…certainly a friend. Frank passed away in mid-flight, on his way to another speaking gig. You have to think that going that way was OK by him…he actually spent much of his life soaring above us all. This one’s for you, Francis.