People need writers. Really. All kinds of people…smart people, not-so-smart people, “arty” people, artistically challenged people, Type A people and Type BCDEF people, emotional basket cases and e-conscious business professionals need writers.


A good writer can make sense out of nonsense – organizing, nuancing, building upon, and bettering even the most imaginative person’s raw outpouring of metaphoric magic. No matter how good the unpolished data or 1st draft or fresh look is, a good writer can, more often than not, make it better…more concise, more evocative, more structured, more empowering, or just plain more.

A good writer can do all this more quickly, more efficiently, more cost-effectively, too, because writing is what a writer does and has been doing and will continue to do. Just like any doctor, lawyer, plumber, etc.

And like that plumber you call after you’ve tried to fix the pipe and ended up taking out a chunk of plaster and a ceiling fixture in your bathroom, a writer can do the job faster, better, and with much less wasted effort and frustration simply because he or she has the right tools. Or should I say “The Write Tools.”

I know. Too clever by half. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

A good writer is a necessary resource for any business professional or corporate entity that must communicate clearly, carefully, and persuasively to an audience or potential client or targeted demographic group or employee. That is to say, all business professionals and corporate entities.

Communication is what this new web-driven world is all about. And communication is all about writing…writing with purpose, writing with flair and imagination, writing that connects the seller with the buyer, the maker with the user, the wannabe to the make-it-happen guy.

If you’re a writer, take this to the bank – the world out there needs you. If you’re not, think about the many uses you have right now for a master of the written word, a professional who can communicate your message, make your point, sell your product, tell your story. Then call a writer and tell them you need them.