Hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD. As for the rest of you out there, how was your Halloween? Sorry to say, I’m now of that ilk (yes, it’s a word) whose Halloween Rooteen amounts to turning off the lights and watching an old Hammer film. Simple pleasures.


Well, on the subject of writing and writers…Halloween or not, we all steal from each other. You know what I mean. But there are those grey areas that can’t really be classified as theft – even if you want to be brutal (and God knows, we all have our brutal moments). I’m talking about those items that fall into the “good-to-know-(and share)-even-if-you- didn’t-write-it” category.

Case in point (Did that sound like Rod Serling?): this little gem from Daily Writing Tips. It’s a great post demonstrating what happens when proofreaders go bad…or not at all. It’s all in the interest of underscoring the folly of depending on your SpellCheck.

Think you’re a grammar stud? Let’s just see about that. How many mistakes can you find?

The Impotence of Proofreading

Its a fact that a spell checker will not catch all the mistakes on your text. More specifically, it will not catch misspellings that form other valid words.

So how do you solve this problem? Proofreading, of coarse!
Just read again through you’re text trying to spot words that don’t fit, and make sure to not loose the focus while you do it. Proofreading is sometimes more important then using the spell checker itself.
You should proofread virtually any written piece, from emails to blog posts. Proofread your homework as well, since you don’t want to drive the principle of your school crazy.

Let’s be honest, misspelled words are defiantly a sign of ignorance.
The simple act of proofreading will have a great affect on the quality of your material, and I am sure that you’ll earn more complements from people.

Their you go my friend, and take this advice seriously. After all, you don’t want to look dumb in front of the general pubic!

If you came up with 13, I’m with you. Coarse, that doesn’t mien weir write.