So I had this idea for a newsletter – a (welcome) departure from all those “canned” ready-mades you see every day.

And not like those corporate things that talk about the new company products that everybody in the company already knows about. Not the kind that talks about family vacations at Atlantis and who’s on maternity leave and who’s joining “the team” and what the theme for the Holiday Party is. I wrote those. Been there, done that. Not that there’s anything wrong with company newsletters. I wrote some arguably great ones. Really. True story.

pencils & lightbulb.jpg

I just wanted to do something different.


It occurred to me that the fact that the internet gives us access to virtually anything, doesn’t mean we can always find what we’re looking for. Actually, in many respects, the internet gives us too many choices – a reality that often contributes to an outcome of nada, zip, zilch. Even when we have more choices, millions of choices, a whole world of choices…we still must deal with the issue of trust.

Who can you really trust to 1) know what he or she is actually talking about 2) provide you with the kind of answers – simple, complex or somewhere in between — you seek 3) know what he or she is actually talking about 4) deal with you honestly and legitimately and 5) know what he or she is actually talking about.

I think you get the point.

I envisioned an online publication that would answer simple questions…

or present simple, straightforward, knowledge-based solutions to common-ground problems…

or acquaint readers with today’s emerging trends and going concerns…

or offer sound advice in areas of importance to us all.

I wanted try to cover all the bases…present expert information, advice, solutions
in as many divergent areas and disciplines as possible. In other words, not just a real estate pub, or a business tips mailer or a wellness guide – but something with a little something in it for everyone.

So I’m giving it a try. It’s called “Connections.” Once a month, we’re going to publish an online issue composed of a mix of short- to medium-length articles on issues and items and ideas from a variety of different expert sources. Yep…

REAL writers that know what they’re talking about.

REAL contributors that provide you with helpful answers to timely questions.

REAL experts that deal with their subject simply, honestly and informatively.

Each article will feature a photo of the contributing writer, as well as contact information. Not only will the information have a face to go with it, but you’ll be able to ask further questions that arise just by calling or emailing them.

Simple. Straightforward. Valuable. We’ll see how it goes. Those of you who aren’t on my mailing list already, give “Connections” a look: And let me know what you think.

PLEASE let me know what you think.

Trust me. Nobody likes working in a vacuum.