Bottom Line? I’m a writer in search of new and better ways to be a writer. After all, the journey is what shapes you.

Formally, the standard bio/professional profile goes something like this: Published author, award-winning copywriter, veteran educator and Creative Director-for-Hire, Scot Simmons is a multi-faceted master communicator and creative thinker with an extensive background in branding, marketing, advertising and public relations. His company, The Simmons Group, is a Los Angeles-based firm specializing in providing marketing content for start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives.

Born in San Francisco, CA, raised in the small East Bay community of El Cerrito, and currently living in Agoura Hills, he has, to date, written two celebrated works of fiction, Mr. Coleman and CREEK SONGS (and Other Seductions), and an e-book entitled The Five Foundations of Effective Promotion Writing. His brand battle-cry “Get It In Writing” is the foundational fuel for Scot’s abiding belief that we all have a story to tell…and that sharing said story is the key to our success — personally, spiritually and professionally.

Long-term loves and indulged seductions include reading; swimming; jazz; Ray Bradbury; ducks; the 49ers; Charles Vess; comics; gauchos; Vonnegut; swing; Japanese Maples; nine; Musso & Frank’s; cats;  golems; John Connolly; Steely Dan; slam poetry; Frazetta; science fiction/fantasy; Bogart; grottos; Rachmaninoff; dragons; Steak Sauce & Carrot Sauce; metaphors (extended or otherwise); Casper’s Hot Dogs; fog; preying mantids; Dizzy Gillespie; OZ books; Edgar Allan Poe; otters; western movies;  Jimmy Stewart; rivers; Nathaniel Hawthorne; 1st editions…and, of course, Scotland.


What I’m Working On…

Reading and Writing Ghost Stories. I’m fascinated, of late, by the ghosts that haunt us…from the supernatural variety to the more commonplace — the memories, fears and regrets we carry through life.

Conducting Brand and Platform Consults with Select Clients. I’ve reached a stage in my life where people actually listen to me. Go figure.

Working with Instagram Mayven and Photographer Par Excellence Anna McNaught on a Book That Will Surprise and Astound. More to come regarding this work in progress…and samples, too!

Rethinking and Refreshing My Blog — with Postings on Twitter, Tumblr, FB, etc. The older I get the more I have to say…and the more I realize that I need to embrace Social Media more vigorously. Take a look!.

Leading and Feeding My ProConnectLA Mastermind Group. Business support and solutions for entrepreneurs. Always looking for speakers and new members…want to know more?

Updating my e-book entitled The Five Foundations of Effective Promotion Writing. Available FREE on this site.

Binge-watching “The Umbrella Academy” (Netflix) , “Love, Death and Robots”(Netflix) and “The Wire” (Amazon Prime). Good stuff. Really good stuff.

Reading Everything I Can Get My Hands On. Can’t be a writer if you’re not a reader. True Story. This week: WAYS OF SEEING by John Berger, DON’T LABEL ME by Irshad Manji, ESSAYS AND INTRODUCTIONS by W.B.Yeats, THE END OF THE END OF THE EARTH by Jonathan Franzen, EVERYMAN by Phillip Roth.

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