I used to make exhaustive lists of stories I could write

…and then not write them. List upon list upon list – scribbled illegibly on grease-slicked napkins, scraps of paper torn from magazines, journals, my hand. What’s worse, I used to talk endlessly about them at the least provocation.

I defended my list courageously. And stalled expertly. And dreamed endlessly.  Anything to keep me from doing the one thing that gets a story, or article, or novel, or screenplay written…WRITING IT.

Stop talking about your great story ideas.  Stop making lists. They only become intimidating after a very short while.  Stop making excuses. Nobody cares.

Start writing. Start realizing. Here. Today. NOW.

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.”

                             -- Ray Bradbury



Dragon Nine™ Press arose from the fires of my own need to breathe – to create a platform for creative exploration, immersion and growth. Ostensibly It serves as a publishing brand for my next book (in progress, albeit glacially). More intriguingly, I would like it to serve as a brand icon for other authors, artists, thinkers and innovators who are themselves in search of a well from which they might nourish their talents, ideas and visions. We’ll see.